I’m the owner of a business…

I finally accomplished one of my life time goals of owning my own business. I recently lost my job at Max’ims of Greeley, an Art Gallery in Greeley, Colorado. Instead of looking for a job, I made myself one. Max’ims decided to downsize and move to the west side of town, which supposedly has more walk in traffic. I jumped in and rented the old Max’ims space in Historic Downtown Greeley. 6900 square feet of early 1900’s beauty. I have just finished acquiring some of Colorado’s top selling artist and highered the best framer in the country in Doug Suggs. He owned Doug’s Hang Up in Greeley for 30 years before deciding the timing was right to let go and just work for the company. Enter me. I’ve been working with him at Max’ims for the past three years running the frame shop and having him teach me and mentor me even though I already have 15 years of experience but he has taught me things I never thought possible.

So we both got canned in the downsizing. I convinced him to sell me the rights to Doug’s Hang Up.  So here we are opening our own business and bringing the best art in Colorado back to Greeley. At first I was stressed, as any normal person would be, but this has become a dream. We have framing projects stacking up faster then we can handle, and the best art hanging on any walls in the U.S. We officially open up this weekend. On April 1st we are having our first private open house featuring our best artist.

I was exhausted by the paper work, taxes, wages, and everything in between, but realize with motivation and confidence, anyone can do this. Fortunately for us we already have an established customer base. That always helps, as well as their positive attitudes and excitement for the changes!  I’m blown away by all the support. -Mark Hunter owner/director of Doug’s Hang Up 818 9th street in Historic downtown Greeley.

About trademarkelane

The military brat who has seen the world as a child and traveled it again as an adult pounding drum n bass into the minds of all the fantastic dancers out there.
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