The military brat who has seen the world as a child and traveled it again as an adult pounding drum n bass into the minds of all the fantastic dancers out there. I’m a die hard Cleveland Browns fan, who now lives in Colorado. I have tons of fun bashing the Denver Donkeys.  I grew up playing baseball, football, soccer, and hockey. Living in Colorado has forced me to love The Colorado Avalanche. Colorado has become home for so many reasons. The Mountains are fantastic, the fishing is incredible, the sports (hockey) are fierce, and as we say in Colorado if you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes.

I’ve lived in North Dakota, California, South Dakota, Ohio, Alabama, and Colorado. My entire family is from Ohio, and that is the place I continue to draw roots from.  I play and build guitars, having played in numerous Punk bands most recently 2late. I’ve DJ’ed DnB for the past eleven years, playing everywhere I can. I also produce music under the production name trademarkelane productions, and I also play the piano.

I am first and for most an Artist, getting my degree in Visual and Graphics Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. I help run a huge art Gallery in Greeley, and continue to do Web design on the side to keep constantly busy. Visit us here:

My other hobby is racing, I have a 2001 Honda Prelude supped to the max for a front wheel drive car. I take her, or she takes me flying through the Mountains to my favorite fishing spots. I take any challenge, especially from little penis drivers who rev at me in their over sized Trucks and Mustangs. I say bring it. The only Mustang that can take me are the Cobras, as long as they know what their doing. I love the look on their faces as they try to keep up with my VTEC raging.

I am 100% agnostic. Religion is the cause of all evil in the world. If you feel like this is an incorrect statement, read the history books. Religion was started as a way to subjugate and control people. Nothing more. If you come to my door I hand you a history of religion book, and make you cry as you are part of the worlds biggest problem. Keep your ignorant blind  faith and cults to yourself.

This is who I am.

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