This is Jack a Roo

I got this little guy about three years ago now (the orange tall one).  He is proof that a lot of people out there are just plain flat out lazy.  He was just a little over a year old when I rescued him.  A really good friend of mine, a lady who deserves gods greatest gifts, called me up and said she had just gotten this Pom.  The Lady is a foster mom for dogs, while they await new homes.  She calls me, knowing I already have “Little” and wanted her to have a brother or sister,  and says this poor little guy has had 7 homes already in his short life. At first thought this doesn’t sound good.  Still I had to see what this little guy was like. So after some debate with my future wife (long story), I go and meet him.

He is so cute and fluffy, but spins around and around like a crazy Tasmanian Devil. She tells me all the details of his life so far, and I’m blown away. The only thing wrong with him is he pees on bed skirts. Well I don’t have bed skirts, so I pay the donation fees and take him home to meet his new sister. Turns out he pees everywhere, lifting his leg wherever he chooses. My favorite chair, the couch, my guitars, everything. So I now see why 7 people before me send him straight back to the shelter.  He even peed on my Paul Reed Smith guitar. So unlike the people before me, I make it my full priority to break him of this goofy habit. I take him to work with me everyday, to the guitar shops, everywhere. After about a week or two of being completely consistent in taking him outside, he is cured. I just don’t understand why the people before me gave up so easy. He is now my ultimate best friend, my Jack a Roo. He still spins when he gets excited only he never spins left only clockwise! I have an ongoing bet with all my family and friends that if they can get him to spin left I will buy them a 12pack! He has never turned left, three years now.

The other thing that kills me about him, any time he sees a remote control he flinches. Someone before me had to have at one time threw or hit him with a remote.  That breaks my heart. So if you want to hit your dog with anything, next time call me and I will come over so you can either hit me (watch out I bite too) or just give the dog to someone who isn’t a piece of shit.

And to the lazy inconsistent dog owners out there I say: “Get off your fat lazy ass and take your dog for a walk, your TV will still be there when you return.” -Mark

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